The SDGC Group has focused on the development of strategies for many sections as Banking and Finance, Shipping, Hotel & Resorts Management, Fish Farms, Green Energy, Real Estate and Development Management, Media and Film Productions, Energy, Oil and Petroleum Trading (including countertrade and barter business), to provide their clients with attendance and support when dealing within those complex markets. Group has also established a Racing Team willing ot sponsor and manufacture products mainly on the automotive industry. The Group was established in 1999 in Greece. The choice of this location proved to be of vital strategic importance when the iron curtain fell at the end of the decade. This was the beginning.

Well aware of the fact that the increasing globalization would punish idleness, SDGC Group strived for a more global orientation by establishing subsidiaries and Joint Venture strategic relationships on a global scale. Today, the SDGC Group member of XENIADIS HOLDING enjoys a premier reputation in their market segment worldwide..


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